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Democrat Unity News

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Republicans, apparently convinced that they really are facing demographic doom, have been taking increasingly desperate measures to ensure their continued existence. Does this include an effort to moderate their views in order to win more votes? Don't be silly. Instead, they're trying to game the mechanics of the voting system itself. The last two years, of course, have seen a raft of new voter ID laws designed to reduce participation by groups most likely to vote for Democrats: students, the poor, and minorities. But that's not enough. The Electoral College is looking tougher and tougher for Republicans—especially for hardcore conservative Republicans, who are suffering declining support outside the South—so that's their next target.

Senators have a disincentive for getting rid of the anti-majoritarian rule: It gives them more power

The changes would give Republicans an advantage in key states that went for Obama in 2012

Friday, 25 January 2013 16:46

What’s the point of the Senate?

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After more than a year of fighting for real reform, it will still take 60 votes to pass just about anything

A Senate subcommittee has recommended a bill to rig the state's electoral vote allocation