Tell your Representative to Support the Full Healthcare NOT Warfare Platform for Prosperity

Spring 2012 is shaping up to be an active one for those working to protect and enhance our social safety nets and those working to advance a single-payer, Medicare for all model of healthcare on the national and state levels. Tell your Representative to support the full Healthcare NOT Warfare platform for prosperity which includes HR1200, HR 676 advancing single payer and HR780 providing a responsible end to the war in Afghanistan and bringing our war dollars home.

Medicare and Social Security must not be privatized or “voucher-ized” or weakened in any other ways, and we are the voices that call for those programs to be protected. We believe Medicare should be improved, expanded, and extended to all for life. PDA  continues  to  help  lead  the  fight  for  single  payer - Medicare  for  all at  state  and  national  level.

On the national scene, the Congressional appetite to advance work on single-payer bills like The American Health Security Act of 2011, S915/HR1200, or HR676, may be muted by both the Supreme Court’s consideration of constitutionality of the law just passed – The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act or “Obamacare” – and election-year politics. But work to push to advance these bills continues by working to engage more co-sponsors and by educating more people about the need for sanity in our system.

On the state level, work to protect progress moving ever closer to single-payer in Vermont and continuing our shared work through the One Payer States group is critical. The One Payer States group plans its third annual summit in Philadelphia on June 30 and July 1, and PDA will once again be there to support the work of the many states assembled. It was in conjunction with a PDA regional meeting in Wayne, PA, in April 2010, that single-payer advocates from several states decided to convene a group to communicate more regularly about state single-payer work.

We will share more details of the summit as they become available, and it promises to be a great summit. Those working on the summit are planning a kick-off that also recognizes, with some special guest appearances, the 5th anniversary of the release of Michael Moore’s documentary film, SiCKO. But the critical work will be protecting the progress made in Vermont and continuing the work in other states as well.

Tell Congress to support single payer and bring our war dollars home.

Stay tuned.

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