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Welcome new members to the new Democrat Unity site. Our new site supports both public and private groups and offers four (4) forums. After you create an account you can join existing groups, create new ones, link YouTube videos to the site or post to our Forums.

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Forum - Candidate Soapbox (unmoderated)
The Candidate Soapbox is designed for press releases and candidate statements on issues and/or events. We invite each candidate to create their own "soapbox" and publish articles and notices.

Forum - The Sounding Board (unmoderated)
This is our Issues Forum. Add a reply to an existing issue or start one of your own.

Group Forum
Each Democrat Unity Group has their own Wall and Discussion Forum. If your group is Private, only Group Members will be able to view and post to the Group Forum.

Forum - Main
The Main Democrat Unity Forum is a general Question and Answer Forum reviewed by the site Webmaster. Give us your suggestions and comments on how we can make the site better and more relevant and useful to candidates and Democrats.

 Many people participate in creating a more just society in many different ways.  Some become candidates for public office, others get involved in political campaigns, some participate in movement politics while others share their vision through art.  Whether you are a writer, painter, musician, etc. if you have a Web site consider linking to Democrat Unity. When you login use Submit Link at the bottom of the Web site.

Promote Your Business on Democrat Unity
Many years ago when immigrants settled in this country, they created an economic community, where goods and services were sold to their neighbors of the same ethnic background.

Democrat Unity is creating the same type of economic community, only it's virtual. If you are a business owner, or have goods or services that you sell to the general public, advertise it on Democrat Unity.

Advertising will be free until July 31, 2009. Starting in August there will be a $50 annual fee. Democrat Unity powered by the Democrat Community.



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